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Critics Are Raving About Netflix’s Wild New Cult Documentary

Sex, drugs and bioterrorism

Meet Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, one of history’s most controversial Indian gurus. In 1981, he bought a massive ranch in remote Wasco County, Oregon, and planned to build a utopian city with his robed followers. 

But the establishment of the commune, dubbed ‘Rajneeshpuram’, rubbed locals in the tiny neighbouring town of Antelope the wrong way. And things escalated *very* quickly. The truly unbelievable series of events that followed included illegal wiretapping, assassination attempts and the first bioterrorism attack in American history. 

And now, the remarkable true story of the notorious New Age cult has been revisited in Netflix’s brilliant documentary series Wild Wild Country.

(Credit: Netflix)

The six-part series is directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, while indie legends Mark and Jay Duplass serve as executive producers. It includes first-hand accounts from the ‘Rajneeshees’ (more than 30 years on), epic archival footage and news broadcasts.

According to The Atlantic, the documentary features “more twists and turns than the Monaco Grand Prix”. Indie Wire teases: “Just when you think you know what it’s about, there’s quite a surprise around the next corner”. 

See for yourself below. 

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