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Netflix’s Trailer For Anne Of Green Gables Might Just Make You Cry

Cue nostalgia.

If you think Anne of Green Gables, the tale of an 1890s orphan sent to live on Prince Edward Island, is outdated, Netflix is ready to prove you wrong.

They’ve just released the trailer for their eight-episode adaptation of the childhood classic, and it’s as poignant as the original.

It also feels particularly relevant given the current political mood. “Anne is timely and topical,” writer and showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett (of Breaking Bad fame) told marie claire US.

“There is a lot of conversation in the world right now about feminism, gender parity, equality, bullying, intolerance and prejudice against those who ‘come from away,’” she adds. “These are all themes inherent in the book and it feels important to bring them to the forefront and be part of the current conversation.”

From Anne’s fierce declaration that ‘Girls can do anything a boy can do – and more!’ [insert fist pump here] to her fight to assert herself in a world that won’t accept her, the show speaks to all women today.

Titled simply Anne, it airs on Netflix on May 12. We’ll be watching.

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