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Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Being Married To Keith Urban

She gets real about her 'Aussie Beach Boy'

Nicole Kidman has spoken lovingly about husband Keith Urban, her ‘Aussie Beach Boy’, in a new interview.

The actress opened up about Keith and the importance of friendships, in an exclusive interview with WHO Magazine

This week sees the release of the magazine’s annual Most Beautiful People issue. 

As much as we have a love, we also have an incredible friendship and trust,” said Nicole.

She also revealed that she loves that her husband finds her beautiful when she’s make-up free and natural, rather than dressed up for a premiere.

He always prefers a natural me—hes like, Come on, take the makeup off!

When asked when she thinks Keith looks the most beautiful, she replied: “Hes gorgeous when hes on the beach. Hes a surf boy, my Aussie beach boy. And, oh, when hes playing his guitar.

You can read the full interview in WHO’s Most Beautiful People issue, on sale now.

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