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Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Turning 50

"I'm absolutely embracing it"

There’s no ifs or buts about it: Nicole Kidman is having a stellar year.

The hardworking Australian actress earned rave reviews for her role in the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies and for her turn in Sophia Coppola’s civil war thriller, The Beguiled.

And this month, Kidman will celebrate yet another milestone.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress explained she’s looking forward to turning 50 on June 20.   

“I’m absolutely embracing it,” Kidman said. “I try to embrace all parts of my life now because I think you just go, ‘Wow. [I’m] so lucky, so blessed.'”

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s cute red carpet PDA (Credit: Getty Images)

Kidman also spilled the beans on her party plans, revealing she’ll be celebrating with her mum Janelle in Australia.

“[I’m] making an effort to go back and see my mom in Australia and spend time [with her],” she revealed. “I’ve got the whole summer off, so I’m just kind of relaxing.”

That sounds like bliss to us. 

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