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Nicole Richie Was Slapped In The Face By A Journalist During A Filmed Interview

“I was just abused like two seconds ago."

Nicole Richie just proved she can take a serious punch, or slap, in this case, when she was accidentally hit in the head during an interview. 

Richie was appearing on Talk Stoop to talk about her new scripted show Great News when, less than 30 seconds in, host Cat Greenleaf accidentally hit her in the face, sending her sunglasses flying off her head. 

The journalist was actually trying to high-five Richie, and when she realised she had potentially harmed the famous celebrity, she screamed out “Oh my god!” while Richie sat there with her mouth open in shock. 

Greenleaf quickly apologised, saying, “That was the craziest high-five of all time. I’m sorry. I’m notoriously clumsy!”

The reality TV star, thankfully, saw the humour in the situation, joking in return, “I can see that. Out of my left eye only.”

Trying to keep the interview on track, Greenleaf then asked, “What’s a little fun notorious fact about you?” to which Nicole replied, “Well,  I was just abused like two seconds ago.”

See the exact moment below.  

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