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A mini O.C. reunion just happened, and will make you miss the show even more

Forever young

Hands up who didn’t have a girl crush (or actual crush) on Newport’s resident rich girl, Summer Roberts?

The star (we suppose we better call her by her real name, Rachel Bilson), is making her return to the silver screen on Nashville, which sees her reunited with another O.C cast member, Chris Carmack.

Carmack played Mischa Barton’s first love interest, jock Luke Ward. They broke up when Marissa discovered Luke was cheating on her in Tiguana, and Luke bashed up Ryan before uttering that now famous line, ‘Welcome to the O.C, bitch!’ Refresher below:

Flash forward over a decade and Carmack has reprised his line in a tweet welcoming Bilson to Nashville:

The loved-up O.C reunion continues with an Instagram post from Bilson:

BRB – we feel an O.C. binge coming on.

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