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Parents of boy killed on world’s tallest slide speak out

Caleb Schwab was thrown from the slide last year
Good Morning America

The parents of a boy who was decapitated on the world’s tallest slide have spoken out for the first time.

Scott and Michele Schwab and their four sons visited Kansas City water park last summer. Two of their sons, Caleb and Nathan, decided to try the world’s tallest slide, The Verruckt.

The 17-storey, 51-metre slide saw passengers sent up a hump on a raft begore being dropped 15 metres into a pool.

Tragically, Caleb was killed when the raft went airborne.

The Schwabs spoke to Good Morning America overnight about the traumatic event.

“Before they took off, I said, ‘Brothers stick together,’” Mr Schwab said. “He (Caleb) said, ‘I know, Dad’.”

It was the sound of Nathan’s screams that alerted them to the tragedy – but when the Schwabs grew closer to the slide, they were told by people gathered around the slide to stay back.

“[A man] just kept saying, ‘Trust me, you don’t want to go any further’,” said Mrs Schwab.

The Schwabs have since reached a settlement with the amusement park company.

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