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People are NOT happy after Ivanka Trump’s new Instagram outfit fail

The Marie Antoinette comparisons aren’t particularly flattering

Within hours of her father instigating an America-wide ban on people from predominantly Muslim countries entering the US – one that has already resulted in mass chaos and the illegal detention of the elderly – Ivanka Trump has taken to social media. Not to address the mayhem, but to post a photo of herself posing in a glittering silver dress.

The photo shows Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner on their way to a black tie event at the Alfalfa Club on Saturday night, as visa holders were detained at airports in the wake of President Trump’s executive order.

As you can imagine, the fallout to the insensitive post has been swift – and angry. Take the below tweet as an example:

One Instagram comment on Ivanka’s picture sums up mass sentiment: “Must be nice being able to wear aluminum foil dresses while others aren’t able to return to a country they call home and more are fighting on their behalf. But no, you focus on posting pictures of yourself.”

Read more of the social media responses below:

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