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Perth woman found guilty of stabbing her ex in a playground


A Perth nurse who stabbed her ex-husband with a kitchen knife in front of children in a busy playground has been jailed.

Michelle Allison Fernandez, 43, was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after stabbing Mark Fernandez so many times that “his guts fell out” like a “bag of sausages” according to the West Australian.

The former emergency nurse claimed that she was acting in self-defence after he threatened her with the weapon. At the time, she was handing over one of their children to stay with him.

Witnesses described hearing screaming and Mr Fernandez shouting “help me, help me” before they found him lying on the ground, according to the West Australian.

One witness, Sean Baguley, said he heard the child scream “I don’t want mummy to go to jail”.

However, prosecutor Tatiyajith Karunaratne said that Ms Fernandez brought the knife to the park in her handbag.

The mother of two will be sentence on March 16.

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