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Sports Commentator Phil Gould Faces Backlash For Suggesting Women Don’t Like Footy

Footy fans have taken to twitter to prove him wrong.

NRL commentator Phil ‘Gus’ Gould has been slammed for his comments about a couple of female fans watching the ANZAC Day clash between the Roosters and the Dragons.


During the game in Sydney, the camera zoomed in on a couple of women chatting and laughing, and Gould assumed that they weren’t watching the game.

He said, “The girls aren’t watching the footy, they don’t care, they’re talking about…other things”.

While the comment could easily have been missed by some viewers, Twitter users have taken Gould to task for his comments.

Many women (and men) got involved and were outraged by the comments.

A spokesman told the Daily Telegraph that women form a growing part of the NRL community

“More women are watching, more women are playing and you only have to go to a game to seem women and girls are becoming our most fanatical fans,” the spokesman said.

“They love the game – and we are doing all we can to convert even more women into Rugby League supporters.”

Channel Nine has yet to respond to Phil Gould’s comments.

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