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Unreliable Home Pregnancy Tests Pulled From Shelves In Australia

All remaining home tests kits on sale are A-OK

‘Unreliable’ or ‘inaccurate’ are words you never want to hear associated with a home pregnancy test kit.

But a whopping four in ten pregnancy tests on sale in Australia have either been given a ‘fail’ or have been taken off shelves after they were tested by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

As AAP reports, the TGA recently reviewed a variety of pregnancy self-test kits that detect human chorionic gonadotropin in urine. The investigation led to a total of 16 pregnancy tests being withdrawn from sale across the country. 

The review was sparked after a family planning clinic reported three false negative results from the One Step HCG urine pregnancy test.

The TGA then requested that the makers of 38 kits provide information about their pregnancy tests. 

According to, nine manufacturers voluntarily withdrew their products. Of the 27 kits eventually tested, problems were found with five tests.

The TGA assured consumers that the kits remaining on Australian shelves were up to standard.

“The five devices that failed have been subjected to a range of regulatory actions,” a TGA spokesperson said.

“All devices remaining on the market in Australia have been shown to work reliably and accurately.”

You can read the full TGA report about recalled devices here

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