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This Australian Female Firefighter Refuses To Stop Battling The NSW Fires Just Because She’s Pregnant

Her message is inspiring

The devastating bushfires around Australia need all the man and woman power it can get. NSW firefighter Katherine Robinson-Williams knows this and even though she’s currently 13-weeks pregnant, she’s not about to sit this one out.

According to the Australian Associated Press, there are currently 61 fires burning in Queensland and 83 burning in New South Wales – 50 of which are uncontained.

An Instagram post by the 23-year-old firefighter has gone viral because of its inspiring message, “As long as I am physically able to help, I’ll always work my best. As I’m a firefighter.”

“For all the females on the ground in NSW right now. We stand together we stand proud!!” Katherine’s post reads. “Yes I am a Firefighter. No I’m not a man. Yes I am a female. Yes I am pregnant. Yes I am going to the fires. And yes I’ll be alright. No I won’t just stay behind. No I don’t care if you don’t like it.”

“THIS IS MY STATE IN FLAMES!” she added. “I love my country I love my mates. And if that means I’m needed on the ground then I’ll always make the way. As long as I am physically able to help I’ll always work my best. As I’m a firefighter, Just like all the rest!! #firefighters #nswfires #femalefirefighters #nswrfs.”

Robinson-Williams is part of the NSW Rural Fire Service team who is battling the fires in Taree on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

Katherine also shared an ultrasound photo of her baby. “13 weeks pregnant and still going strong. Still going to fires. Little firefighter in the making!!”

Katherine’s Instagram has been flooded with strangers thanking her for her service, commending her for her bravery and wishing her to stay safe.

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