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Pregnant Teenager Drowns In Bathtub From Epileptic Fit

The 19-year-old was visiting a friend in Newcastle.

A 19-year-old woman drowned in a bathtub at her friend’s house in Newcastle after she suffered from an epileptic fit.

She was 14 weeks pregnant when she passed away, and was ‘so excited’ to be a mother, according to her sister Jemma.

“She was only 14 weeks when she passed…but she had ideas for baby names,” she said.

9News reports that she was having a hot bath at her friend’s house when she started having an epileptic fit and slipped under the water. 

He friend recounted the horrifying experience of finding Meg Walsh’s body when she knocked on the bathroom door and didn’t hear a response.

“I open the door and there she is lifeless in my bath tub. Cold, white, unresponsive, not breathing, blue lips, dead weight,” she said.

“It was traumatising.”

Meg’s friend started performing CPR and she was later proclaimed dead after going into cardiac arrest at the hospital.

Her family said that Meg had been on medication for her epilepsy since she was diagnosed with the condition at the age of four. However, since she got pregnant, she started suffering from seizures more and more.

“When she fell pregnant, the medication started going through her body a lot quicker and they could not get the seizures under control,” Meg’s sister Jemma told

“The absent seizures would last about 20 seconds. Her whole body would go stiff and she would have this awful stare.”

Jemma added that the father of her baby was devastated by the news of her passing.

“He is a mess. They weren’t together but we have given him some of the ultrasound pictures Meg had,” she said.

Meg’s family will be hosting a memorial service at the Tomago Bowling Club this weekend, and have started a GoFundMe page to raise funds.

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