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Why This Blogger Plans To Live Stream Her Childbirth On Facebook

She's assured people it will be PG

“I know it’s a little daring but when she decides it’s time to vacate, I’m going to share the experience of my labour,” Adele Barbaro begins a recent post on her blog The Real Mumma.

The Melbourne mother has decided to stream the birth of her second child live on Facebook in a move she hopes will raise awareness about the process of labour.

Adele suggests the live stream may give men and woman an insight into childbirth—and show how it can be entirely unpredictable.

While the blogger originally intended for a “calm, drug-free water birth” for her first child Harvey, her plans were turned upside down when she required an emergency caesarian.

In an interview on The Project, Adele assured critics the footage will be “PG”.

“You can rest assured that there’s going to be no gory details,” she joked.

The mother added that the “camera goes off” if anything goes wrong or is not fit for sharing.

Speaking to, Adele explained that her husband had a lot to learn from her first childbirth experience.

“I remember with my first pregnancy, he [Paul] was clueless as to what to expect when I went into labour,” she recalled. 

“He thought there would be a dramatic breaking of water, followed by a speedy drive to the hospital and hours of agony before a baby arrives.”

We’re sure Paul—and many others—will learn a lot from birth number two.

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