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So Apparently Prince Harry’s Ancestor Beheaded Meghan Markle’s Ancestor

This is nice and awkward, isn’t it?

This is why you should never sign up for while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were probably still reeling from the news that actually, they’re distant cousins, along comes the news that one of Prince Harry’s royal forefathers actually murdered one of Meghan Markle’s ancestors. Awks.

Worse still: after the beheading, Prince Harry’s lot took all of Meghan Markle’s ancestor’s wealth and land.

Sound too far-fetched to be real? The grim tale surfaced from The Telegraph UK’s investigations into Meghan Markle’s family tree, which revealed that one Lord Hussey (from whose family Markle is descended) attempted to overthrow King Henry VIII back in the 1500s. Cue King Henry VIII promptly ordering his execution (would have made a nice change from his wives).

prince harry meghan markle beheading
How embarrassing. (Credit: Getty Images)

One of Hussey’s descendants, Christopher Hussey, was one of the founding fathers of Nantucket – and a distant relation of Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas W. Markle.

Hopefully Harry and Megs can let bygones be bygones?

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