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Princess Charlotte And Prince George Completely Steal The Show During Royal Visit

And the Duchess of Cambridge hints at having more children
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Prepare for cuteness overload: this writer isn’t usually one for pictures of other people’s children (even royal ones), but these images are actually adorable.

The scene? An airport runway in Warsaw, Poland, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (you know them best as Prince William and Kate Middleton) have just touched down with their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The show-stoppers? The aforementioned Prince George, three years old, and Princess Charlotte, now two.

Although they were undoubtedly curious to land in a new country (see their faces pressed up against the plane window below) it took a little bit of coaxing to get them to exit the aircraft.

prince george princess charlotte
Prince George and Princess Charlotte assess their surroundings. (Credit: Getty)
Princess Charlotte
(Credit: Getty)

Princess Charlotte regained her composure enough to give a little wave to the armed guards, while it seems Prince George needed a little extra encouragement.

kate middleton princess charlotte
(Credit: Getty)
Prince George
(Credit: Getty)
Prince George
(Credit: Getty)

Their mother has already made headlines for hinting that more children could be on the horizon. A Mirror reporter has tweeted that Kate, when given a gift for a newborn baby from a member of the Polish public, said, “We will just have to have more babies.”

With children as cute as these, is it any wonder if they’re considering more?

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