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‘Project’ Host Tommy Little Reveals He Kissed Davina While She Was Married

"We had a cheeky pash"

Married At First Sight‘s Davina, you know, the one who’s currently trying to husband swap, already cheated on her on-screen husband, Ryan, with someone else – radio and Project host, Tommy Little.

Yesterday morning, Little, who hosts the Hit Network show alongside Carrie Bickmore, confronted Davina, saying she organised to meet him for a drink while she was in Sydney filming MAFS. AKA married to someone else.

“Dav, I want to know if you were trying to go on a second date and get married at the same time?” Tommy asked the Instagram model/personal trainer on air, according to The Daily Mail.

“You messaged me not that long ago and you said that you were going to be in Sydney when I was going to be in Sydney, right?” he continued.

“You said, “do you want to catch up for a drink and go out”, right?’ he said, to which Davina agreed.

“And I said, ‘what are you doing in Sydney? and you said “Well, I’m filming a show,”‘ Tommy continued. 

“Yeah, but I couldn’t say too much about it though. It was this show (MAFS), but not as like a date,” Davina said after a pause.

“I’m piecing it all together… I get what’s going on here,” Carrie piped up, before asking if the pair had “pashed.”

“We didn’t do anything more than that, we had a cheeky pash.”

Anything – or, more to the point, anyone – else we should know about, Dav?

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