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Rachael Bilson Is Starring In A New TV Show

The O.C. actress is returning to TV!!!

When the hit TV series Castle left the air, a hole was left in many.

But now, we can provide some comfort. The co-creators of Castle, Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlow have created an all-new fan fiction, Take Two and it’s starring Rachael Bilson!

The premise is slightly familiar to the much beloved Castle. Bilson’s character, Ella will be paired with Eddie (Eddie Cibrian). Together the duo crack cases and solve murder mysteries.

Ella is an actress, who has fallen from grace but is on the mend after a much-needed stint in rehab. Out of rehab, she decides to shadow private detective, Eddie (Cibrian’s character). It becomes apparent that Ella’s previous acting role as a detective is surprisingly beneficial.

We can confirm that this unlikely duo is likely to occupy much of our time with their exciting murder mysteries. Rachael Bilson is a serious added bonus too!

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