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Roxy Jacenko reveals her intense workout and diet regime

“Cheat days are almost non-existent”

Whatever your opinion of PR whiz Roxy Jacenko, one thing is certain: 2016 was not her year. Not only was her husband Oliver Curtis sentenced to two years for insider trading, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When your life flashes in front of you in more ways than one, as it has this year for me, it’s not so hard to find the hours to ensure you do what you can to keep yourself healthy not only for yourself but for your family,” Jacenko revealed to the Daily Mail. “I’ve got to be fit and healthy for my Pix and Hunty.”

After her oncologist recommended regular exercise during radiation treatment and thereafter, Jacenko adopted a new approach. Her hardcore workout regimen includes three weights sessions a week with trainer Dan Adair at Sydney gym 98 Riley Street – “I do weights only training and what feels like a million weighted squats and plenty of sit-ups on a ball,” she says – plus two weekly F45 cardio classes, which, as anyone who’s survived one can attest, are not for the faint-hearted.

The results of her new approach were clear for all to see on her recent Hawaii holiday, during which Jacenko posted a series of snaps flaunting her toned physique.

Jacenko supplements her exercise plan with a strict diet. “I’m very careful with what I eat – basically a sashimi sushi diet daily, washed down with a couple of green juices a day,” she says.

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