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Ruby Rose Has Been Named The Most Dangerous Celebrity To Google

Maybe think twice before hitting search?

Orange Is The New Black star, Ruby Rose, has just been named the most dangerous celebrity to search online.

According to the BBC, the Australian actress may be playing a dangerous role in new shark attack movie, The Meg, however now she has been deemed officially dangerous.

Highlighting the dangers of clicking on suspicious links, online security company McAfee has ranked Ruby Rose as the number one most dangerous celebrity to search.

The cyber-security company used searches on internet browsing sites, as well as their own, to develop the list of most dangerous celebrities to search online.

Kristin Cavallari finished second on the list, with Kourtney Kardashian, Debra Messing and Rose Byrne also appearing in the top 10.

The 2nd most dangerous celebrity to search online, Kristin Cavallari

The reason behind their rankings being deemed most dangerous is due to the cybersecurity threats that pop up when searching for these celebrities online, which could possibly lead to identity theft. 

Turns out, Ruby Rose is a lot more dangerous on the internet than the roles she adapts. You might want to think twice before googling next time.

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