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Sam Armytage blasts tabloid magazine

Latest in a war of words

Samantha Armytage has lashed out at a weekly women’s magazine that claimed she was “at war” with her Sunrise co-stars.

The TV presenter posted an image to her Instagram account blasting Woman’s Day.

The caption beneath the image of a newsstand read: 

What? The Hewitts aren’t getting divorced for the 5-millionth time this week? 

Kate Middleton isn’t expecting her 12-thousandth baby? 

So, it must be a @sunriseon7 feud to take up several pages during the quiet-January-period.

Silly. Trash. Idiotic. Mindless. Bullshit.

Sensible women of Australia, I beg of you NOT to part with $4.99 for this tripe!!! (& y’all know an “anonymous source” is code for “made up in the magazine’s office”!!) The only war I’m involved in, is trying to get Banjo into a bath!

And I packed my bags because……..I went on holiday! 😂😂😂

See you Monday morning… I missed you all! 😘

The episode is the latest in a war of words between Armytage and the tabloid media. Last month, Armytage was at the centre of controversy when a Daily Mail story condemned her for wearing “granny pants” and the TV host – and many other Australians – complained that the coverage was unfair and unnecessary.

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