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Samantha Armytage lashes out at Kyle & Jackie O over drone use

“It was highly illegal”

Sunrise presenter Sam Armytage has a hard enough time with paparazzi as it is – but now they’re taking even more extreme measures to get at her.

Armytage took to Instagram over the weekend to show a drone hovering over her backyard, telling her followers it had been trying to take photos of her in the privacy of her own backyard.

“Saturday night: pervy, stalker, weirdo paps hovering ANOTHER drone in my backyard (and front deck)” she wrote. “Fed up with this rubbish.”

So you can imagine her rage when Kyle and Jackie O revealed the teaser to this morning’s radio show, tweeting the below:

Armytage was quick to respond:

Somewhat unexpectedly, the show claims that it wasn’t the paparazzi, but a 10-year-old neighbour who owns the drone.


If that’s true, we just hope he’s learnt his lesson.

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