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‘The Project’ Just Aired A Brilliant Take On The Same-Sex Marriage ‘No’ Ad

"You can say no... but why would you?"

The first in a series of advertisements asking Australians to vote ‘no’ to same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal vote has aired, featuring three mothers highlighting their concerns about the effect the law change will have in their children’s schooling system. 

Cella White, the first Australian woman who appears in the ad, said that he son’s school told him “he could wear a dress next year if he felt like it”.

A second woman continued on, saying: “when same-sex marriage passes as law overseas this type of program become (sic) widespread and compulsory”.

The Project aired a hilarious take-down of the ridiculous ‘no’ ad on Wednesday night, pitched as raw footage from the filming process. After some great wisecracks, the ad ends with the line: “You can say no… but why would you?”

You can watch the whole clip here:

The original ‘no’ ad has prompted huge backlash from the Australian public, with many saying it is trying to confuse people from the real issue at hand: whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

Equality Campaign executive director Tiernan Brady told the “ad is disgraceful in its dishonesty”.

“The people behind this ad know that the Australian people are for allowing all Australians the right to marry so they want to desperately pretend this simple straightforward question is about something else,” Mr Brady said.

“As they try to divide Australians will continue to campaign to unite all Australians.”

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