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Promising News For ‘Yes’ Campaign In Same-Sex Marriage Vote

According to the latest Newspoll

You have just nine days left to return your same-sex marriage postal vote, and with the final days of the campaign, we can bring you some comforting news.

According to the latest Newspoll, published in The Australian, the ‘Yes’ campaign is leading by more than 2.2 million votes.

The survey shows 59 percent of eligible Australians who have returned their votes have already voted yes. Only 38 percent of returned votes have ticked no.

As of October 13, 10.8 million survey forms have been returned. Those supporting the ‘No’ campaign would need three out of every four remaining voters to choose ‘No’ to quash the possibility of same-sex marriages.

But this is no time to be complacent; make sure you return your forms if you haven’t done so already to make your vote count. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, anyone with a lost or damaged form has until this Friday, October 20 to request a new same-sex survey. 

All Australians are encouraged to post back their surveys back by October 27 to make sure they arrive in time to be counted.

The survey officially closes on November 7.

C’mon Australia! 

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