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Police Believe Teen Who Was Allegedly Abducted By Sex Traffickers ‘Was Not Kidnapped’

Shocking new evidence has been brought to light in the case.

Police suspect a 17-year-old girl from Utah who went missing for more than a month and was believed to be kidnapped by sex traffickers went willingly with her the two men who allegedly ‘kidnapped’ her.

Captain Curtis Hooley of the Logan Police Department told that her kidnapping was reported by her parents two weeks after she went missing. Though she was expected home on January 3, she was reported missing on January 16.

After looking into it further, police found that Sarah had spent some time with her mother before she travelled to Las Vegas with a ‘male acquaintance’ on January 14. On January 15, she was seen by her male friend leaving a casino with two other men.

Captain Hooley said, “She left with a couple of other males. She did not appear to be struggling. She didn’t seem unwilling at all.”

He added that while her mother had told police that she had been ‘kidnapped by sex traffickers’, they hadn’t found any evidence that this was true.

“There was no kidnap. She was not kidnapped in Las Vegas and as far as we are concerned, there is no evidence that any crime has occurred.


“Just because someone claims they were kidnapped, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true. We did not find that she was [kidnapped], although it still could be true.”


Sarah Dunsey was recently found and returned to her mother’s arms.

The mother of Sarah Dunsey had set up a Facebook page to spread the word of her disappearance and encourage people to come forward with leads.

She took to Facebook to announce that her daughter had been found, and thanked everyone for their help in getting her back.

We found our Sarah Bearah!!! Thank you all for sharing, getting Sarah’s face out there, and helping us to find her. Thank you to the people that sent us the tips that found her.”

In the post, she also included an emotional message from Sarah: “I prayed and prayed that you could come. and you came.”

The New Zealand Herald reports Sarah was found by law enforcement officers and a non-profit group called the Association for the Recovery of Children. She was last seen in Las Vegas on January 15.

Her mother, Amie Dunsey, released a video pleading for her to be returned.

In the video she said, “This is my absolute worst nightmare. We need Sarah home.

“I cannot wonder where she is and if she is safe. Please help us find her.

“Sarah… this message is for you: I want you to fight. Because I need you, all of us need you. The world needs you, so fight.

“We are coming to get you.”

She also revealed the chilling last text Sarah had sent her, which read: ““If I die tonight it’s a guy named…”

The name was redacted from the video so that the person who had kidnapped her would not be tipped off.

Police have arrested the two men that were with Sarah Dunsey when she was found.

Sarah’s family has now asked for privacy while Sarah recovers.

We ask to please give our family a little space and privacy,” her mother said. “We are going to retreat into our safe place and heal.”

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