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We *Finally* Know Schmidt’s Real First Name From New Girl

It only took six seasons.

After six seasons of watching New Girl, we thought we knew Schmidt.

We’ve seen him through his ‘douchebag jar’ days, his very particular habits, dating, hitting career goals and marriage… all without ever knowing what his first name is.

But finally, in Episode 21 of Season Six, we found out.

Drum roll please…

Winston Schmidt.

Of course, this is particularly significant because one of the other main characters in the loft gang is called Winston. And the other Winston was not stoked that Schmidt had decided to start using his full name to launch his new brand.

Plus, if you were ever curious about Schmidt’s middle name, it’s even better than his first name. Fox released a press release revealing that his full nam is ‘Winston Saint-Marie Schmidt’. Hilarious!

Watch the epic scene where we find out:

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