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Politicians Slam Postal Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

“It's exposing our children to that kind of hatred”

A host of politicians slammed the Turnbull government’s plan to go ahead with a postal ballot on same-sex marriage, following the Senate’s rejection of a compulsory plebiscite.

City of Sydney Councillor Christine Forster—who is also the sister of Tony Abbott—appeared on The Project on Wednesday night to point out the flaws in the postal vote.

The councillor explained that marriage equality was an issue that should never have been politicised in Australia. Forster said her brother was just “plain wrong” in his negative stance on same-sex marriage.

“As a gay woman, who’s in a relationship, who wants to get married—and Tony’s well aware of our plans to get married—it’s not a really nice thing to hear somebody belittling our plans to get married,” she explained.

“At the end of the day, this is simply about all Australians being equal before the law, it’s about mutual respect.

“It’s about my right to be able to stand in front of my family and friends and say ‘I do’ to [my partner] Virginia.”

Earlier in the day, Senator Penny Wong condemned the decision to hold a public vote on same-sex marriage, claiming it would expose children to more hatred and harm.

In a powerful speech in the Senate, Senator Wong urged the Turnbull government to forgo an expensive and divisive public vote.

“This ain’t a respectful debate,” she said.

“This is a vote because some in the Coalition can never countenance equality, and they’re never going to change their minds.”

Senator Wong has two children with her partner Sophie. She rejected claims that a public vote could be a “unifying moment” for Australia.

“The Australian Christian Lobby described our children as the stolen generation,” she declared .

“We love our children and I object, as do every person who cares about children, and as do all those couples in this country, same-sex couples who have kids, to be told our children are a stolen generation.

“You talk about unifying moments? It is not a unifying moment. It is exposing our children to that kind of hatred.”

Her speech comes in the wake of former prime minister Tony Abbott’s heartless attempt to encourage Australians to vote “no” against the same-sex marriage. 

As SBS reports, ballot papers for the vote are expected to be posted from September 12, with a return date of November 15. We could learn the results by November 15. 

A High Court challenge to the proposed postal vote on same-sex marriage will be lodged this week.

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