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Sherri Papini mystery: Three other women missing in same area.

Each woman went missing in the same part of Northern California

Mother-of-two Sherri Papini, 34, vanished in early November near her Northern California home, only to be found bound and battered by the roadside three weeks later.

She had been starved, branded and battered during her captivity but has been unable to tell investigators much about her captors, other than she believes them to be “Hispanic women”.


Now reports say three other women have gone missing in the same area, including one woman who was reported missing the same day Papini vanished.


42-year old Stacey Smart was reported missing on November 2, the same day Sherri Papini went missing. She hadn’t made contact with her family since October 12, according to Record Searchlight. Her boyfriend, Tony Brand told Trinity Journal that he didn’t report Smart’s disappearance earlier because he presume she’d left their relationship voluntarily.






Smart’s daughter Nicole Santos-Hamann says Smart’s disappearance is out of the ordinary. “We know it’s not normal. Something is very wrong,” she told Record Searchlight.


Jessica Roggenkamp, 42, went missing in early December in the same region as Sherri Papini. Her black Ford Mustang was found in a remote area unlocked and with the keys inside and no petrol in the tank. Her purse and mobile phone were missing.


According to Record Searchlight she was on the way to stay with a friend, bring a pillow and sleeping bag but she never made it. She hasn’t used her mobile phone since.




On December 1, Amy Snow was reported missing around 100 miles north west of where Sherri Papini was allegedly abducted. The 25-year-old had blonde hair and blue eyes, like Papini. The Trinity Journal reports that local hospitals have been searched but revealed no sign of the young woman. However unconfirmed reports have said she has been seen in a nearby town.

Amy Snow has been missing since December 1
Amy Snow has been missing since December 1.

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