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Shocking Video Footage Shows Two-Year-Old Boy Rescuing Twin Brother From Fallen Furniture

This will leave you gob-smacked.

A mother has shared extraordinary footage on YouTube of her son rescuing his twin brother from a fallen chest of draws. 

The video shows two-year-old Bowdy Shoff pushing the fallen furniture off his brother Brock after the twins were playing.

The original post has already clocked up almost two million views, and the parents, Kayli and Ricky, have said that they shared the video to warn other parents of the dangers of furniture in the house. 

Kayli has spoken out on the issue, saying that bolting the furniture to the walls is the easiest way to make it safer for parents with young kids.

“I think physically, you can’t child-proof your house a hundred percent,” Kayli told CBS News.

“I can do this one thing to make my home a little more safe for my children.”

IKEA has run into trouble before over fallen furniture cases, recently paying $50 million to the families of three toddlers who were killed by fallen chest of drawers in the US.

Watch the video here:

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