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Here Are All The 18 Men Competing For Sophie Monk’s Heart On ‘The Bachelorette’

And where to stalk them on Instagram

Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette premieres in just a few days and finally, we have a proper look at all 18 men competing for the bombshell bogan’s heart.

Men ranging from 24 to 38 are about to take to our screens, all in the hopes of finding true love with the famous 37-year-old.

The Bachelorette

While we know that the show was a success – and Sophie is officially head over heels, we still don’t know which lucky lad won her final rose.

Below, the Instagram accounts of this year’s contestants. Happy stalking.

Apollo Jackson, 24, professional magician, Queensland

Luke McLeod, 33

Blake Colman, 29, entrepreneur, Western Australia

Ryan Jones, 26, construction foreman

Mackane Reid, 35, window cleaner, Western Australia

Bingham Fitz-Henry, 25, Professional Polo Player, Queensland


Brett Moore, 27, Personal Trainer, WA

Chad Monkhouse, 37, Contract Services Manager, Victoria


Eden Schwenke, 33, Scaffolder, WA


Harry Ferran, 24, Restaurant Manager, South Australia


Hayden Felsenthal, 29, Marketing Manager, Victoria


James Trethewie, 31, Financial Advisor, New South Wales


Jamie 38, Engineer, Western Australia

The elusive engineer with no Social Media!

Jefferson De La Rosa, 30, Events Manager, New South Wales


Jarrod Woodgate, 31, Vineyard Manager, Victoria


Jourdan Siyal, 25, Bar Manager, Queensland


Pete De Gail, 32, Fashion Designer, New South Wales


Sam Cochrane, 31, Voiceover Artist, New South Wales


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