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Sophie Monk Revealed The Winner Of The Bachelorette Before The Show Had Even Begun


Though the rest of the nation is torn between whether they’d rather date Apollo’s left arm or Apollo’s right arm, it seems the rumours are true and Bachelorette Sophie Monk really does choose frontrunner Stu Laundy. 

It turns out, before the show even started Sophie made a slip-up in an interview, confirming the contestant she chooses has children. 

Yep, the only contestant left in the final five who already has a couple of kids (four girls with his ex-wife) is 44-year-old hotel heir, Stu.

Early last month (and rediscovered over the weekend), Sophie told NW magazine she was still with the Bachelorette winner and happily in love: “Yep! I’m fully in love! I’ve got to say, at the beginning, I was so nervous about this, but it was fun and also hard work because you’re hurting people and it’s real emotions and it’s actually real,” she said. 

“I’d love to have my own [kids]… I think in a year or a year and a half maybe.” 

That’s right. Sophie wants to have her own children with the winner, meaning he already has children – four to be precise.

However, starting her own family might be harder than Soph thinks: Stu dropped a bombshell earlier today, revealing that he’s had a vasectomy.

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