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Now People Are Saying Sophie Monk Has A Secret Melbourne Boyfriend

This doesn't sound made up at all...

New on the Bachelorette rumour mill: Sophie Monk has a boyfriend – and it’s not Stu Laundy.

Sources are claiming Sophie has a “secret boyfriend”, someone who supposedly wanted to join as an intruder on the series. 

The rumours all started when Nova 96.9 hosts Browny and Chrissie revealed they’d “been out digging.”

“We did hear from very good authority that Sophie Monk…,” Browny said, before continuing with: “Sophie Monk has a boyfriend, and it is not Stu Laundy.”

Without being named, Soph’s other beau is from Melbourne, knew the singer before the show aired and is “on the club scene” (whatever that means?!)

The goss was ditched over a round of golf, by a supposedly “very reliable source,” however, we’re not so sure how much we believe. Especially since Soph and Stu are maintaining they’re very much together and in love.

“They expect us to be making out like on the show, you’re not gonna be all over each other all the time. That’s not our thing,” Sophie told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM.

“It is a bit ridiculous but it’s not affecting us,” Stu said of the negative media. “I’ve got four daughters, I’m not going to be out and proud, I’m not going to be a public display of affection.”

“You know what the funny thing is? I worry more than he does,” Soph says, coming back onto the phone. “Especially when you think a lot of them are your friends because it’s not the public doing it, it’s the media.

Kyle then asks whether Soph contractually has to keep up a fake relationship with Stu following the show. “My manager is too good for that sort of crap, I wouldn’t do it,” Soph said.

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