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STOP EVERYTHING: The Nutella Burger Is Here

Cancel those New Year diet plans!

Attention all foodies! The latest indulgent food trend that you will be seeing all over your feed is the Nutella Burger!

Last year the Internet went into a hyped-up, all out sugar frenzy when McDonalds’ Italy released the first Nutella Burger. Aussies prayed that such a miracle would bless our shores, and the heavens (AKA pop-up desert bar Nuts About Tella) have delivered.

Made up of four donut buns piled up in a hot press to create a crispy-on-the-outside, pillow-soft casing. Oozing, warm Nutella is sandwiched between buns to create the (appropriately named) Leaning Tella of Pisa. Tasters have described it as a cross between your morning pancakes and the best doughnut of your life.

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