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Stu Laundy Says ‘Bachelorette’ Break Up Rumours Are Affecting His Family

"People's opinions can hurt kids"

Less than 48-hours since the finale of The Bachelorette aired, rumours that Sophie Monk and her winner Stu Laundy had already broken-up started swirling. 

Both Sophie and Stu have since denied the split, saying they are very much still together and in love. 

“They expect us to be making out like on the show, you’re not gonna be all over each other all the time. That’s not our thing,” Sophie told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM.

“It is a bit ridiculous but it’s not affecting us,” Stu said of the negative media. “I’ve got four daughters, I’m not going to be out and proud, I’m not going to be a public display of affection.”

Father-of-four Stu has since spoken out saying that the rumours have been affecting his family. “People’s opinions can hurt kids,” he told OK.

“The only concern I have had thus far throughout the entire process is the wellbeing of my children and the negative impact on them.”

He later spoke to The Daily Mail, asking for the public to give him and Soph a chance.

“I understand we’ve opened ourselves up to scrutiny dating on a show like this and yes, Soph is a national treasure which will raise interest.”

“People are entitled to their opinions but I guess I just ask for a chance to prove the non believers wrong,” he said.

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