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Suspected Child Rapist With 40 Years Of Alleged Crimes Leaves Disturbing Trail Of Evidence

Police found 1,000 pairs of girls’ underwear in his trailer.
Bucks County DA

A man suspected of four decades of child sexual assault has been arrested from his crimes.

Investigators have been disturbed by the trail of evidence 58-year-old William Charles Thomas of Pennsylvania left of the alleged sexual assaults, finding more than 1,000 images of naked children, up to 1,000 pairs of girls’ underwear in his trailer.

They also discovered ‘graphic drawings and writings’ documenting the assaults according to New York Post.

“Some of these writings documented Thomas ‘molesting’ children as young as three years old, when Thomas was in his twenties, which would be during the nineteen seventies, as Thomas also wrote that he was aware some of the children were either asleep or so young that they wouldn’t be able to disclose the abuse,” a court document reads.

On February 4, Thomas allegedly admitted to his crimes, telling police that he had been sexually attracted to children since he was a teenager. He admitted that he had assaulted a relative and two children while he was babysitting them.

Lt. Henry Ward of the Falls Township Police Department described the scene they investigated as ‘horrific’. 

“The human race hasn’t come up with words of what we saw in the trailer,” said Ward.

Thomas now faces charges of five counts of rape involving children under the age of 13, five counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child and three counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child.

He will face a preliminary hearing for the charges on Tuesday, US time.

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