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Sydney Couple Charged With Manslaughter Over The Death Of A Six-Year-Old Boy

They took him to a 'slapping therapy workshop' in 2015.

A Sydney couple has been charged with manslaughter over the death of a six-year-old boy from a ‘slapping therapy workshop’.

The boy was found unconscious in 2015 at a hotel in Sydney’s south after his parents took him to a ‘self-healing’ conference. Paramedics performed CPR, however they were unable to revive him.

The six-year-old suffered from type 1 diabetes, and was slapped until his body was bruised to ‘remove toxins’, following a Chinese healing technique.

9News reports Geoff Fenton, 56, and Lily Fenton, 41, have now been charged with manslaughter over his death, and have been granted conditional bail.

Police are currently looking to speak to other people about the incident.

Both of the couple are due to appear again in court in May.

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