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A Sydney Escort Has Revealed All In A Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

From the average age of her clientele to the weirdest thing she's ever been asked to do.

A sex worker has anonymously taken to Reddit to post an ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread about her life in the industry.

She introduced the post by saying that she got into sex work in her late teens, and has been doing it ever since. She is now 25, and has worked in brothels in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and set herself up as a private escort in 2014 before returning to a brothel.

Questions flooded in ranging from simple queries like the age range of her average clientele (40 to 60 year old men), to questions about fetishes and how she maintains her safety.

When asked what she charged, she responded “$550 for the first hour, $1050 for the next then $300 for each additional hour. $2500 for 12 hours and $5000 for 48 hours.”

Interestingly, a lot of straight men were asking how they could get into the industry themselves, perhaps intrigued by the dollars she was bringing in.

On the topic of safety, an intriguing story about a taxi driver surfaced from one of the commenters.

“I was a taxi driver for a bit. Picked up a sex worker from her house once, took her to the brothel,” he wrote. “She got my number at the end, asked if I’d be able to drive her whenever. I said sure, but was curious why?

“She told me I was the only cabbie she’d ever ridden with who hadn’t asked to swap the fare for sex.”

While the young woman running the Ask Me Anything had not had the same experience, she said that she had experienced ‘discrimination and stigma’ from cab drivers, and had to defend her life choices in the taxi.

She said that she has told her mum, doctor, psychiatrist, best friends and former boyfriends that she is a sex worker, however is concerned about telling her brother and her dad.

“I broke down and confessed everything to my parents about having been a sex worker for years about 2 years ago while I was on hiatus,” she wrote. “Only my Mum knows I’ve returned. She doesn’t want me to tell him because otherwise she’d ‘never hear the end of it.’ But I think deep down he knows.”

Read the full AMA here.

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