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Sydney Mum Offers Vaccine-free Daycare

New childcare options in response to “No Jab, No Play”

A NSW mum has responded to the state’s “No Jab, no play” policy by offering childcare to parents who have concerns with vaccinating their children reports The Daily Telegraph.

Heidi Street posted a message to the private facebook group, “Vaccine Free Australia” with more than 5,000 members:

“I would like to open a daycare in my home for 3-4 children, 2 days per week … I have two children… I have a strong passion for children’s health and wellbeing and have a beautiful nurturing soul,” she posted. “Children’s days would be spent among nature, a walk to the beach, learning through play and games. Please let me know if this interests you.”

In an interview with 9Honey, Street said “Many families choose not to vaccinate due to the risks involved, many families have had severe reactions. Vaccine injury is real and has effected thousands of families.”

Her actions are in response to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s plans to push a nation-wide policy banning unvaccinated children from enrolling in childcare centres and preschools.

“I am calling on the states and territories to support a concerted national policy so that children who are not vaccinated cannot attend childcare or preschool centers,” Turnbull told reporters in Sydney earlier this month.

Currently NSW, Victoria and Queensland require all children in childcare to be up-to-date with their vaccinations. The “no jab, no play” policy means unvaccinated children can be banned from childcare centres.

But health professionals warn anti-vax childcare could put everyone at risk.

Dr Penny Adams told the TODAY show that unimmunised children are “at risk of developing serious and even life-threatening illnesses because they’re not vaccinated”.

“We know vaccinations are 85-90 percent effective,” she added.

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