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Sydney Tradesman Sentenced For Stealing Women’s Naked Photos

While connecting their homes to the NBN

A Sydney NBN technician has been spared jail time after being found guilty of stealing explicit photos from women’s mobile phones.

25-year-old Aydin Agar sent himself more than 80 private photos and a video from the phones of four women in 2017, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. 

The photos—which included naked and topless images—were stolen from the women while Agar was hooking up their homes to the NBN. The technician told the women that he needed their phones to connect them to Wi-Fi, then sent himself the images and erased the evidence.

Agar was only found out when a woman realised images was open on her phone.

On Monday, the 25-year-old was sentenced to 16 months home detention and will serve it by way of an intensive correction order.

During sentencing, Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson said Agar’s crimes were “completely and utterly unacceptable,” Nine News reports.

“He abused the women’s trust and inflicted substantial emotional harm on the victims who lived in fear their sensitive private images would be spread around the world,” she said.

The technician lost his job following his arrest.

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