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Teenage Couple Dies In Suspected Drag-Racing Incident

The car burst into flames in south-east Sydney over the weekend.

Police are currently investigating an incident over the weekend where a teenage couple died after their car slammed into a power pole, bursting into flames.

Seventeen-year-old Tamara Jordanoski and eighteen-year-old John Santoro died in the car crash in Port Botany at 10:30pm on Saturday night.

When passersby saw the car hit the pole, they ran to the car to try and pull the couple out, but the car burst into flames so they were forced back.

“We ran to the car and tried to open the door,” a witness told Nine News


“But the car blew up again and we had to move back. There was nothing we could do. They were already dead.'”


Police are currently looking into whether the couple were street racing. The driver was on P-plates, so they are also investigating whether speed or inexperience contributed to the crash.


One witness told Daily Telegraph that they saw the car speeding.


“He was going easily over 100kms. No less than 120 or 130. They were flying,” they said.


“They lost control and fish-tailed. The car flipped on its side and went smack bang into the pole and burst into flames.”


Family and friends have paid tribute to the couple, with John Santoro’s mother writing ‘Two angels flown in heaven’ yesterday.


The couple were among eight lives lost over the weekend on the roads in NSW.

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