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Young teenagers who snatched newborn baby are reunited briefly with their daughter

They are just 15 and 14 years old.
NSW Police

Two teens who have been accused of snatching their three-day old baby from hospital have reunited with their daughter.

15-year-old Jenifer Morrison and 14-year-old Jayden Lavender were able to see their daughter Aria again after five days apart, and they told 7 News that the moment brought them to tears.

“Definitely brought a smile to my face, I haven’t been able to smile properly in a couple days and that’s definitely brought a smile to my face and I know it’s definitely brought a smile to her face and she started crying as soon as we literally saw her she started breaking down,” Jayden said of the moment.

The couple had initially hidden their daughter in a blanket, taking her from the hospital and going camping together in Sydney’s west. 

The teens were soon found, and Aria was returned to hospital. The couple were allowed to visit her five days later.

Jenifer and Jayden hope that their family will be able to be reunited for good.

They have not faced any charges over the incident.

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