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This Is How Matty J Differs From All The Previous Bachelors

"He wants Australia to believe he is the perfect gentleman"

Though The Bachelor’s Matty J is adamant to convince the contestants – and the rest of the country – that he makes his own decisions on the reality TV show, a contestant has just revealed otherwise. 

The Bachelorette, who chose not to be named, said that Matty would be coached by producers, who would meddle throughout the rose ceremonies to ensure the order the girls were picked. 

They would also often take him aside during dates and at cocktail parties to brief him on the questions to ask the ladies and tell him what drama was unfolding. 

“It was almost like he was being told what his opinions were. He’s very concerned with his image. Everything that comes out of his mouth is image conscious and measured,” the woman told Fairfax Media.

“He wants Australia to believe he is the perfect gentleman,” she added.

“Those who had been fighting that week would be the last to get a rose for dramatic effect,” she said of the rose ceremony, before revealing Matty would put on an upset front while the rejected contestant left, before instantly perking up.

“He acted so devastated [when someone had to leave] heavy sighing and heavy breathing. Once the girl walked out and he heard, ‘OK, it’s a wrap’, he was back to being happy Matty again.”

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