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Sydney Waitress Claims Matty J Asked Her Out While On A Date With Laura


The Bachelor finale only just aired last week, with Matty J picking the season’s frontrunner Laura Bryne. 

While the couple has been enjoying no longer having to hide their romance (cue: PDF-filled Instagram snaps), a woman has just spoken to the media saying Matty J asked her out while on a date with Laura.

Speaking to New Idea, 21-year-old waitress Kiri Kennedy says she was working at the Sydney cafe where Laura and Matty J’s first date for the show was filmed.

“Flirting and wanting to meet up with me makes it all a bit unbelievable, don’t you think,” she said. 

“My co-workers pointed out to me that Matty J kept looking at me between filming and smiling,” she continued.

“I was busy working when a person from the production team approached me and said, “Matty is with his girl at the moment and can’t talk right now, but he would like you to hang around to meet him after she leaves,”‘ Kiri alleged. 

While Matty J and Laura are yet to respond, a spokesperson for Matty J has come out calling the above claims false.

“Matty J and Laura are very happy together,” she said, before continuing to say that a couple being happy and in love clearly isn’t exciting enough for some.

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