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The Bachelor ‘Mean Girls’ Have Apparently Been Banned From VIP Events

This won't bode well

They may not have won Matty J’s heart but at least the rejected Bachelor contestants forged strong friendships out of the show. 

None more so than the women dubbed the ‘Mean Girls’, Leah Costa and Jen Hawke, alongside model Monica Brown (who was eliminated on the first episode).

However, while their Instagram followers may have skyrocketed, apparently social media followings alone won’t get these ladies socialite status.

“Maybe the winner and a couple of others might get a few invites, but they definitely won’t be at the top of the guest list for the big events around town,” a Sydney PR agent told The Daily Telegraph.

“They started out mean and now they are just boring. Who wants that at a party?”

“People think that getting on a reality show is a ticket to being a socialite, but that isn’t the case,” they continued.

The change could be due to the fact that, this year, the women have free reign over their social media accounts, whereas in previous years, contestants have had to keep their Instagram profiles on private and couldn’t post anything until they had been eliminated from the show.

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