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The Bachelorette’s Bingham On The Tension In The Mansion

And who will win Soph's heart

Last night, The Bachelorette provided another evening of excellent TV, filled with weird challenges (note: we’re worried Jarred is still changing that tyre), the first double delight date (congrats, Sam), and a sad goodbye to Queensland polo player, Bingham.

Though he left the competition early, Bingham says he had a lot of off-air time with Sophie and that, though they got along well, they realised pretty quickly there was no romantic spark there. 

“I had heaps of time with her and lots of good chats, but there wasn’t any romantic connection,” he told marie claire.

“We didn’t talk about it specifically but we felt friendly more than anything,” he continues, before going on to say that they live near each other and he hopes to catch up with her outside of the mansion.

“My sister is a massive fan too so I’d love to introduce her too.”

On the men in the mansion

“It was the most relaxing fun time with the guys, they were all very down to earth and it was just easy,” Bingham says before revealing that if there was any tension, it was between Jarred and Blake.

“I think they were both just very intensely keen on Soph.”

And the nicest guy in the house?

“Nicest is interesting, I would have to say Apollo is the nicest guy in the house. He’s the most beautiful innocent guy I’ve ever met in my life.”

The most genuine?

“James was one of my best friends in the house. I’d have to say him.”

Was anyone there for the wrong reasons?

“I felt like everyone was there to have a shot (at love) for sure. All our conversations were about Sophie and working out who liked her the most, that sort of thing. I felt like everyone was there for the right reasons, yeah.”

On Jarred and his creepy level

“In real life, he’s a very, very nice guy. I just think that he got a little carried away with the competition. He’s got good intentions but he just has a funny way of showing it.”

And Ryan?

“It’s coming off very cringy but Ryan was one of my best buds in there. He and I got along very well.”

Double delight, Sam?

“Sam is good in small doses. He talks about his double delight a lot, yes (laughs). He’s very funny, whether you like him or not, you couldn’t say he’s not funny.”

On who had the biggest spark with Sophie

“Jimmy definitely had a spark with her. I knew that those two looked at each other like that. Probably Luke, too. You’d have to say after Jarred’s first date that everything was going pretty well there too.”

Who he thinks will win?

“I want Jimmy to win because I think he’s right for her. Otherwise, maybe Harry or Ryan.”

Still looking for love?


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