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Eliminated Bachelorette Contestant Eden Has Picked This Frontrunner To Win

Plus his thoughts on the villains in the mansion

Eden Schwencke tried to breakdance his way into the heart of Bachelorette Sophie Monk, but his moves failed to impress, with the 33-year-old scaffolder being booted from the mansion on Wednesday.  

Speaking to marie claire after his elimination, Eden explained that his mates—and the Australian public—were still paying him out for his breakdancing red carpet arrival. 

“Man, yeah, I haven’t heard the end of it. I deactivated my Facebook because I know that they’ve got memes, and the people closest to me are the worst to me,” he laughed. 

37-year-old Sophie made a huge impression on Eden when he first met her in the mansion.

“I thought she looked amazing, when I started talking to her we had a bit of banter going on. I made fun of her and she made fun of me—that’s always a good start that you can go from zero to mockery in a short space of time,” he says.

But the eliminated contestant concedes he did not have enough chances to forge a connection with her. 

“You really have to fight for time with her and I was holding back a little bit. That’s probably what I’d do next time, if given the option—if it doesn’t work out with her and her sweetheart.”

Eden’s pick to win

The eliminated contestant tells marie claire that three men in the house have a big shot at winning Sophie’s heart. 

“I want to say that Luke is up there, he’s a great dude. He’s easy going and easy to get along with,” Eden reveals. “It looked like there were a few awkward moments last night, but he’s a real nice guy and they actually look good together, whether or not their chemistry is going to build.”

He continued: “Because of Jarrod’s persistence I’m going to say that he’s going to claw his way up there. I think James is a bit of a sleeper, he’s a real nice guy.”

But of his top three, Eden’s money is on Luke to take out the final rose.

Is Sam actually that talkative?

“Sam is more talkative, they run out of film—they had to cut and go get more film and then continue,” he jokes. “He loves to talk, but he’s a great guy.”

Eden thoughts on ‘Stage 5 cilnger’ Jarrod

Twitter blew up with hilarious reactions to Jarrod’s instant and very strong affection for Sophie. “I like Jarrod, but I feel at times he can be a little bit aggressive or come across a bit possessive, which is not really doing him a lot of good in the house amongst the other boys,” Eden tells marie claire. 

Is Ryan really a villain?

Early in the season, Ryan confronted Sophie about her true intentions on the show and was immediately picked as a ‘villain’.

“He’s just aggressive in the way that he talks to Sophie, but if you actually listen to what he’s saying he has some valid points, whether or not he goes about it the right way, the viewer is left to make that decision,” Eden says. 

“He asked her if she was there for the right reasons, and that’s a question that we all had about her.”

Bonding in the house

If you think you spotted a toy sloth lurking in the background of shots or hanging around the necks of the contestants—don’t worry, you’re not going mad. “There’s a friend of ours called Derek, he’s a sloth, he’s probably the foundation of the boys,” Eden explained. “When things get hot and heated he’s always been our mediator, he’s always been the one to calm the storm.”

Regrets after leaving the show

Eden tells marie claire that there’s one thing he would do differently if he had another shot on The Bachelorette. 

“It would be about getting more time, I wouldn’t act differently,” he says. “I’m always myself, whether or not people get to see a lot or a little of me.”

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