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The Bachelorette’s Jarrod Insists He’s Not A Stage-Five Clinger

He had us fooled...

This season’s run of The Bachelorette Australia is hands down the best we’ve had yet, thanks to beloved bogan Sophie Monk and the unofficial star of the show, Jarrod Woodgate. 

At first, it seemed like Jarrod might actually have a shot at winning Soph’s heart – he even scored the first kiss of the season. However, very quickly Jarrod started showing signs of a stage-five clinger, practically threatening to stab any contestant who so much as looked Soph’s way (did anyone explain the rules of the show to him?)

Now the vineyard manager has broken his off-air silence, saying that he’s just being misunderstood by the (very worried) Australian public.

“People have an idea that I am a little creepy because of what I’ve been doing and how full on I’ve been,” he told Confidential.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and as soon as a guy starts to show emotion, he becomes creepy and possessive and I’m actually just trying to be a genuine loving caring guy that Sophie wants … I’m not a boring guy, my focus was Sophie, I am only interested in Sophie.”  

“I’m not there to become mates with all the other guys in the house. If I find a girl that I’m interested in I will move mountains to be that guy and this is exactly the same attitude I had when I went in there.”

Jarrod also revealed that his friends have expressed concern over his portrayal on the show, on the basis that he’s “never a stage five clinger” and has “always been the one having problems committing to a relationship.”

Jarrod, you’ve redeemed yourself slightly but we are very worried about this week’s upcoming pot plant incident…

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