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The Bachelorette’s Jarrod Admits He Still Loves Sophie Monk

The runner-up is still heartbroken

Last night, the entire nation braced themselves as it became obvious Sophie Monk was about to break Jarrod Woodgate’s heart on The Bachelorette finale

Speaking to marie claire this morning, Jarrod says he didn’t notice anything off about his final date with Sophie in Fiji, confirming he really thought he was going to be the winner.

“Look I was walking up there 110 per cent confident I was going to be the guy that she chose,” he said.

It was when Soph said the words, “In my head, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted” that he realised something was wrong.

“It just sunk and that’s when I realised it wasn’t me. I didn’t pick up on anything sooner because I was just focussed on her.”

She finished the sentence with, “but my heart belongs to someone else.”

On the rumours he was going to propose to Sophie 

“Absolutely,” that’s true, Jarrod says.

“We’d spoken about marriage before and that would’ve been nice,” Jarrod said, before trailing off with, “But… not now.” 

Watching the moment back last night, “it was definitely very raw. Obviously, heartbreak takes a bit of time to get over.”

“As soon as filming finished I went back to Melbourne and hung out with family and friends. To this day, I still have feelings for Sophie. I will for a long time, she’ll always have a place in my heart.”

On speaking to Sophie after the show

“I saw her last night before the airing of the finale. She came over and just gave me a hug, and we just had a quick catch up.”

“Just checking in basically to see how we’re both going. I’ve spoken to Stu recently but haven’t seen him yet, everyone’s been trying to keep their head down.”

On the #PutYourPotPlantOutForJarrod movement

Following last night’s episode, people started literally putting their pot plants outside with handwritten notes to Jarrod on them.

On the show of support from Australia, Jarrod says, “Yeah, I thought it was hilarious. I really think it’s cool, people have actually listened (laughs).”

“For something the guys in the house tried to sabotage, it’s coming home strong, isn’t it.”

On being dubbed a stage-five-clinger

“The editing that was done was to make me look weird, they just picked me for that guy.”

“What you guys don’t see behind the scenes is that this is what we’re here for, we’re here to fight for Sophie and make sure Sophie knows that we are there for her.”

“She really appreciated everything that I did for her, as she’s said in her interviews. I wouldn’t change anything, if I had to go through it all over again that’s what I’d do.”

On whether he thinks Sophie and Stu will last

“I wihs the best for them. Stu is a great guy and him and I got along really well. You create a great bond with these guys.”

“And look, I’m standing next to him in the top two and that’s a pretty amazing feeling. The one girl is the hard part.”

“I’m happy that Sophie is with a guy that I trust and respect.”

And as far as those ‘playboy’ rumours go? “You can’t always believe what the papers say, Stu is a decent guy.”

On whether Apollo should be the next Bachelor

“Apollo said it himself, he’s young and wants probably 4-6 years before he can settle down.”

“And that’s hard, he’s such an old soul and a beautiful guy.”

On finding love

“I do think it’s too soon right now, I want time to just rehash on what’s happened and move on and then I’ll be able to go out there again.”

“I like to go to bars but I don’t have the time, it’s the best place but for me to go out into the city of Melbourne, it’s a lot of effort. Having more time now, I guess I can do that now.”

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