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The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby Has Addressed Those Tom Cruise Dating Rumours

"I move fast"

The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby may have won over the hearts of Netflix users, but there’s been a few rumours regarding whether or not she’s also won over her co-star Tom Cruise. They met on the set of Mission: Impossible – Fallout when she starred as his love interest, though she finally addressed the gossip when she was confronted about their offscreen relationship.

It was a hot news item last year while they were filming together, however Vanessa (who’s been dating her Queen and Country co-star Callum Turner for over two years by the way) found the reports pretty ridiculous.

While chatting to the ladies on The View, Vanessa revealed, ‘No! Well, you know what, I don’t know where [the rumours] came out but I had met him once in a room full of people. And I was like, ‘Oh well, I move fast.’ And they were reporting that we were dating and that I was lining up to be wife number four.’

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Tom Cruise is currently single after splitting from Katie Holmes in 2012, after a six year marriage. They currently have a daughter Suri Cruise together and Katie Holmes has since been in a secretive relationship with Jamie Foxx.

As to whether or not Tom and Vanessa ever discussed the goss?

Vanessa said, ‘Neither of us talked about it, but I just felt embarrassed that you would even think that that’s…it was just embarrassing, most of all for him probably.’

vanessa kirby boyfriend callum turner
Vanessa Kirby and her boyfriend, Callum Turner (Credit: Getty)

That said, it did make working together a little awkward.

She said, ‘We were filming on the riverbank in Paris and we had to kiss and the paparazzi were there taking photographs.’

Yikes. Vanessa had to curb these rumours last year, as apparently some people were genuinely asking her when a Cruise-Kirby wedding would happen and others even messaged her boyfriend to check in on him and see if he was okay.

While they may not be together in real life, you’ll be able to check out Vanessa and Tom’s onscreen chemistry in Mission Impossible – Fallout on July 27. Bring on the Ethan Hunt beat ‘em up fest – it’s been too long since the last one.

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