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The Moment When These Twin Sisters Reunite After Being Separated At Birth Will Melt Your Heart

They always felt that there was something missing...

Two identical twin sisters who were adopted to different families at birth recently appeared on Good Morning America, meeting for the first time.

10-year-old Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry were born in China, but Gracie was adopted by a family in Washington and Audrey by a family in Wisconsin. Neither of the families knew that the girls were twins until last month one of Audrey’s mother discovered a photo of her daughter with another identical baby – Gracie.

Thanks to Facebook, Jennifer Doering was able to find Gracie’s mum, and reached out to get in touch.

The twins and their families came on to Good Morning America to meet each other for the first time and well… it was very emotional.

Just watch, and be sure to bring out the tissues.

The most heart melting moment was at the end, where Audrey said, “It felt like there was something missing, and now it’s complete.”

Wishing the girls and the families all the best!

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